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Decorative screens-A case study: Shade

Decorative screens-A case study: Shade

In summer one of the most enjoyable ways to relax with friends is a BBQ and few drinks outside. with all the time spent outdoors, Most people know the sting of having bathed in a little too much glorious sunshine.

Because of this, ever backyard needs a sanctuary from the sun’s glare. Laser cut metal screens offer this with a few unique advantages.

In many instances totally blocking the light from the sun is not the optimal solution.  Many of our designs can be made with differing levels of light permeability allowing the client to pick whatever light transmission level suits there preference and light level.

Decorative metal screens when made from aluminium Also offer the advantage of a much longer installed lifetime. Unlike traditional wood structures. Aluminium will not buckle under the heat of the sun over time leading to dilapidation, collapse and eventual replacement. something you’ll have to face much less frequently.

Laser cut metalwork also represent some of the highest production value objects you can install at your property. There detail and beauty will serve as a reflection of your own design flair. Creating texture and depth in equal measure.

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