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How we get the Project done


We use art instinct, modern engineering design and expert installers to create what can only be described as installation art.

We are unashamedly mean to be unconventional and to create art for each and every install.

Installation & Mounts


A key aspect of any professional installation is mounting, it also happens to be our strongest points as a supplier of these products. We have no less than 5 different mounting types. So no matter what your project calls for, we have the solution to professionally mount and install.


FabriLAB are specialised Architectural metalwork designers and manufacturers. Years of development and design has gone into the creation of highly refined and sophisticated mounts. With the aim of speeding install and providing the most cost effective laser cut screen installations available to market.


We currently offer 5 standard fitment options, Flat panels, 2 edge return, 4 edge return, Archine hybrid system, channel mounts.


In addition to the 5 standard mounts, we are also able to custom engineer nearly any imaginable geometry with custom fixtures and fittings. We’re able to do because we utilise best in class software and equipment. Making 3D cad customisation quick, accurate and Cost effective

Installers and our team


As manufacturers, We posses an intimate understanding of both the manufacturing processes and the materials. That means the difference between an award winning home and the rest.


We have a professional team of installers ready to carry out even the most ambitious projects. We often act as specialised consultants for bespoke builders or implement builds on their behalf.


Not all projects require our expertise to install, and as is often the case we pass our highly engineered installations into the hands of competent tradesman to perform the installation themselves.


Our site rates are $95 per person per hour for a minimum of 3 hours. Some installs will require equipment hire such as scaffold and in some cases 3 phase site power if there is significant cutting and welding involved. These are additional charges to be confirmed with client prior to commencing site works.

Flat panels

The original flavor of laser cut panels. These can be installed flush against the substrate or used in conjunction with tubular spacers for a fantastic expressed detail. The choice is upto you.

2 edge folded returns

2 edge fold returns are great when you will see the panel edge. Often this is over head, when the panel is mounted between beams. Usually a fastener is used to mount through the side flange with the correct fastener type depending on substrate.

4 edge folded returns

Perfect for back-lighting. This panel type has folded returns on 4 edges, this gives the panel structure and facilitates mounting in a variety of scenarios. Mount with a hidden bracket against a wall. Or span the panel between opposing walls or posts. Versatile and very flat.

Archine hybrid system

Our proprietary hybrid mounting system. Use this system as a high security, free standing barrier. With no visible fasteners, unwanted entry is severely hindered. This system can also be supplied with cerated anti climb top edge. The posts are manufactured from high strength steel with heavy duty tripod base plates, Made from 10 mm steel. The posts themselves, have slots laser cut into them. And there are corresponding screens have Tabs. Facilitating a very high strength and invisible mount. The system is aesthetically pleasing and secure in equal measure.

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Channel mounts

Channels can be rapidly installed with no visible fasteners. A flat panel is used. The panel i slipped into place and bonded with specialised adhesives that won’t damage or stain powdercoating

Bespoke panels

We can engineer virtually any shape panel with flat faces. This panel type is best used for building facades and other installs that require Contouring around existing Object including windows, Benches and seating.

Weld on mounts

Another refined hidden fastener mount type. This mounting kit is supplied with fastener bracket to be pre welded in position. Panels are then delivered onsite and very rapidly secured in place.

Sliding barriers and Doors

Custom made high quality slide and bi-fold door solutions. Using high quality Centor slides and hinges. We can custom design and install stunning transparent barriers

for creating ambience and privacy for your indoor or outdoor space. Precision designed, engineered and installed by FabriLAB