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The Aluminium Advantage.

The Aluminium Advantage.

Aluminium is showing up more and more in the outdoor products and garden screens. And there’s a good reason for that. Once considered a specialized material reserved only for light weight high strength applications. Aluminium is now a preferred choice for manufactures for multiple reasons.

Probably the most important feature is it’s reduced rate of corrosion over traditional materials specifically steel. Once installed, Aluminum is virtually impervious to elemental degradation particularly with a protective powder coat and chromating.

In Addition to it’s corrosion resistance, aluminium wont buckle or warp over years of bombardment from the wind and Sun, like timber will. these features alone are advantage enough to justify a small premium in price over the alternatives. It will pay for itself time and time again with its much longer installed life.

You can also expect reduce install cost over traditional products with its reduced weight. Freight costs will be reduced as well as labor requirements onsite with physical installation.

For further reduction in installation cost and a superior aesthetics look to our Archine privacy screen system. It’s pre-configured mounts and single fastener per panels make it one of the most efficient systems on the market.

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